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COVID SoFlo Market

July 2020

SoFlo Luxury Real Estate News! The daily bombardment of news, increased social distancing, and for many a sense of isolation, has prompted to start this blog for those following the South Florida real estate market. I can only comment accurately on the luxury market in Broward and wish to keep my customers, both B...

Maintaining Momentum in Difficult Times

July 2020

Julie Jones-Bernard and the Associates at Florida Luxurious Properties would like to wish their highly valued customers health and continued safety during this time of global challenge. There is no doubt that we are collectively in the midst of an enormous challenge and highly uncertain times. However, there are s...


February 2020

LOOKING FOR YEAR-ROUND WARMTH AND SUNSHINE? For those of you currently living in cold, wet climates, if 246 days of sunshine this year sounds appealing, Fort Lauderdale may be just the place for you!  With average temperatures of 76 to 90 degrees year-round we enjoy a lifestyle that doesn’t include “snow days...