Posted by Ben Olive on Friday, October 27th, 2017 at 3:33pm.

Now that the hurricane is well past and the waters have calmed, I’ve been taking time to think about the weather and the role it plays in all our lives.

The weather is often the first thing we check on when we arise.  A peek out the window, a forecast on the radio, or a look at the computer or smartphone can help us plan our day.

Boaters want to know of course, so that they can plot their course.  Golfers want to know what time of day will be most fair on the fairway.  Runners and cyclists, athletes of all types are listening to the forecast, making decisions.

Parents plan wardrobes for the entire family—they outfit everyone from head to toe with the appropriate gear for the weather predicted.

Office workers dress for potential events and police, fire, and emergency workers gear up accordingly.

It is surprising how this most every day occurrence affects our lives.

I was thinking about our beautiful climate here in Fort Lauderdale, and the fact that the occasional tropical storm or hurricane is our greatest problem.

A colleague pointed out the obvious—that storms are not exclusive to South Florida, not even that type of storm—that property owners everywhere face weather-related concerns.  A retired real estate broker from Vermont, she pointed out potential problems from storms in the chilly northeast.

Consider this: when the power goes out in Florida, we lose lights, air conditioning and refrigeration.  When the power goes out in many parts of New England and colder states or countries, you lose lights, refrigeration, heat and water.  In the land of the private water source (a well), you are out of water if there is no electricity to your well pump.  And, with the power off for even a day or so, if the temperature is low enough, the pipes will freeze, and when it goes back up, they will begin to leak.

A generator can help, but only if there is fuel to supply it, and plenty of prior planning must have taken place to gather wood, or store propane or diesel fuel.

Here in Florida during a prolonged power outage, it might get hot and somewhat uncomfortable, but it is easier to bear than the discomfort of extreme, freezing cold.  And the municipal water keeps running!

Of course, my Midwest friends must endure tornadoes and dust storms.  My friends up north, blizzards, out west, earthquakes and wildfires, and on the Gulf Coast, like us, storms from the sea.

No matter the place we choose to call “home”, it seems there are conditions to consider, trade-offs to make.

Here in Fort Lauderdale, 266 days of sunshine does it for me, and I’ll take whatever weather comes with it.

Fort Lauderdale is very accessible, with a great international airport, an executive airport for private aircraft, rail service, and of course, excellent access by sea.  Beautiful parks, a vibrant downtown scene, multiple entertainment and sports venues, great shopping and dining, miles of waterways, a fabulous beach, and gorgeous sunrises.

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