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Posted by Julie Jones-Bernard on Friday, December 9th, 2016 at 12:35pm.

I have the very best of professions! I am fortunate enough to match individuals with the multi-million dollar homes of their ultimate dreams!

A week ago, I showed a fabulous deep-water residence to a delightful newly engaged couple. As we toured the residence I remarked to them that it is real estate dating when looking for the perfect fit! They laughed but I think the simple analogy resonated with them both.

Real estate dating is not so much fun after the fifteenth house. Sometimes, the photos do not match the residence – big surprise there; the house may not be well maintained or clean. The floorplan creates the functional and energy flow of a residence just like the energy of a person, it might not be a good match. On it goes, the similarities to the dating would and kissing frogs can definitely apply to real estate.

The downside can also be very far reaching and a bad choice may have serious financial implications! Just like making a bad relationship choice, you need as much assurance as possible that your choice is a solid, comfortable, and happy one.

I was no stranger to the dating game until meeting my amazing French husband. However, someone gave me some great advice the other day. There is usually an approximate 20% of your partner that is not a perfect match or that you do not like. Many people move onto a new partner and fall into the 20% trap again in their next relationship. Sometimes it is for a different 20% reason! High closing costs, potential long market times and limited marker liquidity are factors to that into consideration when seeking your real estate match. Foreign investors should also be aware of tax withholding upon sale in the U.S.


Palms Townhouse 1 & 5 - $2.650M & $2.395M respectively
PERFECT MATCH for:                                                                    PERFECT MATCH for:
*   Beach Lover                                                                             *   Boat & Beach Enthusiast
*   Compromise between condo & single family home living         *   Empty Nester / Downsizing
*   5 Star Resort Style Amenities                                                   *   Part Time Residence
*   Secure Community                                                                  *   Secure Community


I look at my exciting inventory and am grateful to the sellers who entrust their valuable properties to me. I think about the best match for each listing in terms of lifestyle and demographics of the potential buyer.

Why not call me and let me real estate match make for you? On the ocean or waterfront, your perfect luxury residential mate is out there! Email me on or call me +1 954 870 4080.

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