Technology and the Housing Market

Posted by Ben Olive on Thursday, May 28th, 2015 at 1:26pm.

In today’s society, we have thousands of gadgets that keep us connected no matter where we are--Wi-Fi, cell phones, tablets, laptops, Bluetooth and more. These devices have made it possible for people in many careers to work from practically anywhere and have changed the focus for many homeowners looking to settle down in a new location.

Top priorities for working families have shifted overall from an emphasis on proximity to a worksite to more of a work-from-home direction, with need lists that prominently feature outdoor work spaces and home offices with advanced capabilities for technology. For sellers putting their homes on the market, this is an important shift to take into consideration when showcasing properties to potential buyers.

What are Buyers Who Are Working From Home Looking For?

There are many careers that offer the flexibility and convenience of working from home, either part or full-time, to their employees. Working from home has several benefits that can influence a potential buyer’s wants and needs:

  • No commute: People who work from home do not need to go into the office every day (or very often), which means they aren’t necessarily looking for a place right next to the highway or adjacent to downtown areas. Those who work from home will be saving on travel costs and car expenses (maintenance, gas, parking, etc.) and may be able to utilize those savings in finding a larger luxury home or looking at ocean and beachfront properties, as well as less suburban and downtown areas.
  • Storage: When you work from home, all of your work papers and materials are stored there, either in your home office or around the house. While technology has made it easier to store important documents in electronic formats secured in online storage systems and eliminated much of the need for paper, the occasional hard copy may need to be saved and kept somewhere on the property. For this reason, people who work from home are likely looking for a little extra storage dedicated to work product.
  • Home office: The home office is key for many people who work full-time from home. Having a separate room to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your family’s day and get work done is a must for many. Studies have shown that dedicating one specific space to work leads to increased, consistent productivity and performance. This space should be capable of housing a desk and storage cabinets (if needed) and be wired for a computer, fax machine, printer, television and even a separate landline, if necessary.

How Can Sellers Market to These Buyers?

People who are selling their properties should be aware that even if they don’t work from home, someone looking at their Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate listing may, and he or she could be looking for ways to set up shop in your space. Some sellers may want to consider finishing or transforming an unused storage room or spare bedroom into a home office with a few easy steps: putting in a desk or work table, ensuring the room has hook-ups for Wi-Fi and internet, or installing a door to separate the space.

The luxury real estate agents at Florida Luxurious Properties can help you market your home to include a home office perfect for potential buyers who work from home. To get your house on the market, contact one of our agents today!

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