Posted by Ben Olive on Friday, November 17th, 2017 at 10:22am.

Here in South Florida we meet people from all parts of the world.  The fact that we have an International Airport with non-stop direct flights to many cities is a big draw, plus the gorgeous weather and fabulous beach and waterways.  Requests from our international buyers are forever interesting.

One of the trends we are seeing is the interest in second floor living rooms. 

So many of our Buyers from South American and Europe enjoy the privacy a discrete living space can offer, and ask to be shown properties that have this very special, extra luxurious amenity.

The idea of living on a floor above street level is not new.  Many older Italian homes had “piano nobiles”—noble floors.  They built reception rooms on the second level of palazzos for safety and sanitary reasons.

Today’s Buyer wants a second floor living space as a private retreat—a location away from the commotion often present on the first floor, especially in a busy household.  A second-floor view can often be better than one offered on a lower floor, especially if it looks out onto the water.

Also, second floor living rooms nowadays are very specially appointed.  Many have breakfast kitchens and coffee bars.

These “pajama lounges” are becoming more and more a part of the wish list for buyers.  A spot where you can put the TV, and get it out of the bedroom (so many are opting to keep the bedroom dark these days).  And, a “retiring room” is the perfect place for a young mother or anyone, to retire or rest midday.


The light and the view from this beautiful second-floor living room are spectacular!


Binge-watch the latest HBO series in your private upstairs quarters.

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