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Putting down cash was the way to go last year for people looking to buy Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate—nearly 64 percent of all house sales made in Florida in the early months of 2014 were cash purchases. New York and Alabama followed with 59 percent and 56 percent, respectively, making this a great year for savers turned homeowners.

Reports from RealtyTrac, a California firm that analyzes housing data, including sales and purchase methods, indicate that just under half of all sales in the country early last year were cash-only purchases (43 percent in 2014), up from 19 percent in the same months of 2013. RealtyTrac has been collecting all-cash sales numbers since 2011, and so far, 2014 is the biggest year they’ve seen. According to RealtyTrac’s

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Europe’s financial market has changed drastically over the last few months, and the fluctuations have caused a tidal wave of changes that could have an impact on Southern Florida’s real estate market values this year, according to some Fort Lauderdale luxury realtors. The euro, the official currency for 19 nations in the European Union, has been weakened as tensions in Greece and Switzerland continue to take effect on the currency’s value, and the changing market is causing many Europeans to consider securing their financial wealth in an overseas market— and Fort Lauderdale’s homes and condominiums.

The Effect in Southern Florida

In January 2015, the exchange rate between US dollars and Euros hit the lowest point in over a decade, and financial

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Two exciting condominium developments have captured the eye of Fort Lauderdale’s most discerning local and international home seekers. The Paramount has hit the scene inviting you to elevate your life in a new international playground (Fort Lauderdale) and live the ultimate luxury lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the Auberge development partners, The Related Group, Fortune International Group and Fairwinds Group recently announced plans for groundbreaking the Auberge Beach Residences and Spa  comprised of two towers located on 450 feet of prime Fort Lauderdale Beach. Both developments are earmarked for starting late 2015 with estimated completion as late 2017.

Auberge is planned to reside over 4.6 prime and direct oceanfront acres. This breathtaking spa and

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The numbers are in and there's a great sense of action here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With the luxury condo market on the rise and new development all over the beach, local Realtors are experiencing an extra pep in their step!

As our company's analyst, it's my job to check in every month and it's been a pleasure seeing that I can finally go to my clients and say "Yes, list now!" We've been waiting for years for a great pick-up and with gas prices so low and consumer confidence high, the amount of tourism in Fort Lauderdale has brought an extensive amount of funding to the area. We are finally re-building after Tropical Storm Sandy along A1A, raising our fixed bridge on Sunrise Blvd. to accommodate some of our waterfront home-owners' desire for a

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When a trio of enterprising gentlemen purchased the area called Coral Ridge Properties in 1953 for $19 million from Chicago attorney and real estate developer, Arthur T. Galt, the huge track of land reaching south from Sunrise Boulevard northward to Commercial Boulevard, and west from Federal Highway eastward to the Intracoastal Waterway was not yet considered part of Fort Lauderdale!

A prized parcel in this purchase was an area that had been earmarked for a Palm Beach-like village to be called the Floranada Club, only to be halted from further progress with the land bust and hurricane of 1926. Coral Ridge Country Club became this desirable tract when James S. Hunt, Joseph Taravella and Stephen Calder began developing the area in 1954 with Robert

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