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Business as Unusual In the Florida Sunshine

How about a place to host clients, prospects, employees and events with your ever-expanding network of professional contacts?  A place in sunny South Florida, where significant tax advantages may be available?

Fort Lauderdale is extremely convenient to transportation by auto, rail, sea or air.  With an international airport (and direct flights from many countries), and a private executive airport, this is a great town to locate an executive or corporate retreat.

Think outside the box.


1300 Brickell ticks all boxes on a grand scale, accommodating large yachts, plus it has an entirely separate wing set up as a conference room.  There is a media room and expansive bedroom suites. The incredible outdoor entertaining area competes with any 5-star resort.

What if, instead of booking one bland hotel space after another, year after year—what if you had a company spot, available year-round—a place where you could do business in a more relaxed atmosphere?  Not a generic hotel conference room, but a place where you could move from business to pleasure and back.

Time to think outside the box—outside the average realm of thought.


26 Isla Bahia

A media room to screen your video presentations, or relax after a long day of meetings, entertainment space, spacious bedroom suites and a resort-style covered loggia and pool.

What if you had a “company manse”?

A place you could “retreat” to, restore the spirits and set right the path?

Gathering, for example, in a space that is on the water, with every amenity accounted for, in an atmosphere that is private and relaxed.

We have multiple properties that could function very well as a company retreat for a small corporation, your sales team, or a division or department that needs to gather.  Spots where business and pleasure can both be addressed, where you can transition from an early morning swim or run to breakfast for everyone on the patio, alfresco.

A private residence where you can move on to the media room for the morning presentation, and host an afternoon event or evening cocktails, before leaving on your yacht to enjoy the Intracoastal Waterway or a trip to the Islands.

Hire a chef for the week, or bring in one of our excellent local caterers to feed your guests.

Imagine the bonding experience that can be created—each individual will have an experience they’ll talk about for years to come.



515 Mola

Endless potential, with water frontage on three sides and more than 611’of dockage.  Either renovate this private enclave, or tear down for limitless potential.  Dock the company boat, or charter a yacht and captain to take your crew aboard.

How much more engaging to do business in such a pleasurable atmosphere.  In a space like this you can host a fabulous reception.

An executive retreat can work for business and pleasure as well—perhaps a stay as a reward for a job well done, or a place to entertain clients.


10 Compass Point

Be one of only two residences on this semi-private island.  Flexible floor plan offers huge potential.


2325 NE 27th Street

On a smaller but highly functional scale, this property was designed to entertain luxuriously!


11 Bay Colony

Located in one of Fort Lauderdale’s most secure and private communities.

There could be possible tax advantages for some corporations or individuals!  We can refer some excellent advisors who can help you structure your purchase to maximize your investment.

Florida is such a business-friendly environment!  According to the Kauffman Foundation’s 2017 Index of Startup Activity, the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area ranked Number 1 among the 40 largest metro areas in the U.S., taking the top spot held for two years by Austin, Texas.

With excellent Internet and business services available, proximity to the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center, the thriving downtown, great restaurants, the water and the beach, this is a great town to locate an executive or corporate retreat.

Think about it…a company getaway in sunny Fort Lauderdale.

Now that’s doing business as unusual.


Checklist for your Corporate Retreat:

Meeting space

Entertainment spot

Wired for business—state of the art systems

Gym, spa





Water taxi


Live theater

Convention center



Hard Rock Casino and shows

World-famous beach

Cosmopolitan, international


Looking for the good life?  You’ll find it, every day, in Fort Lauderdale, the top destination for the serious yachtsman due to the proximity to the islands and opportunities for charter business.  Please see our website, 

Thank you for reading this article and be sure to contact me, Julie Jones-Bernard of FLORIDA LUXURIOUS PROPERTIES ( for all your Fort Lauderdale and South Florida real estate

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