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I have the very best of professions! I am fortunate enough to match individuals with the multi-million dollar homes of their ultimate dreams!

A week ago, I showed a fabulous deep-water residence to a delightful newly engaged couple. As we toured the residence I remarked to them that it is real estate dating when looking for the perfect fit! They laughed but I think the simple analogy resonated with them both.

Real estate dating is not so much fun after the fifteenth house. Sometimes, the photos do not match the residence – big surprise there; the house may not be well maintained or clean. The floorplan creates the functional and energy flow of a residence just like the energy of a person, it might not be a good match. On it goes, the

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Julie Jones-Bernard from Florida Luxurious Properties in Fort Lauderdale has been noticing a growing trend in the demand for private residences that will accommodate extended family living requirements.


Julie states, “It is a fact that as we live longer we are expecting more from our residences – an unexpected but welcome family addition, adult children returning to the fold, blended and extended families, the guest or relative from out of State or overseas who visits (and never leaves), plus don’t forget the grandparents, nanny, house manager or Boat Captain.”  A residence that will truly accommodate and give pleasure for decades or generations to come is not an unusual request at the exclusive boutique brokerage of Florida Luxurious Properties.

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Before summer languorously drifts into fall, buyers should take advantage of the calm before the storm, namely the 2015 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show to assess and evaluate real estate options especially if one is looking to buy or upgrade the boat. Luxury real estate prices in Fort Lauderdale, the Venice of America; especially waterfront residences with deep-water dockage often appreciate due to the high demand and limited supply. Identifying real estate needs, requirements and goals and prioritizing them will speed the process along, minimize frustration and guarantee the equity investment will be a time of celebration and not regret.

In the Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate industry, the summer is the perfect time to explore the various communities by

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Buying a Home Near Schools in Florida

For many people, the decision to purchase a property is one of the biggest financial transactions they will ever make. Price and location are often the major influencing factors; however there are other considerations to buying a home, such as accessibility and proximity to good local schools. In the era of Tiger Mothers and the maternal instinct to provide the best opportunities such as access to quality education for their children, it is not surprising that school rankings is increasingly becoming an important consideration in a buyer’s decision to purchase a home.

According to the 2014 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 29% of home buyers listed school quality and 22%

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In today’s society, we have thousands of gadgets that keep us connected no matter where we are--Wi-Fi, cell phones, tablets, laptops, Bluetooth and more. These devices have made it possible for people in many careers to work from practically anywhere and have changed the focus for many homeowners looking to settle down in a new location.

Top priorities for working families have shifted overall from an emphasis on proximity to a worksite to more of a work-from-home direction, with need lists that prominently feature outdoor work spaces and home offices with advanced capabilities for technology. For sellers putting their homes on the market, this is an important shift to take into consideration when showcasing properties to potential buyers.

What are

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One of the primary concerns for people looking to purchase a condominium is the financial security of the building. Buying a condo means taking on different financial responsibilities than those associated with purchasing a house and potential buyers need to be aware of what they will be accountable for once the sale is finalized. Additionally, buyers will want evidence of a condo’s financial security before signing the final paperwork.

Physical Inspection

A critical part of the process of purchasing a condo is a thorough investigation. You should have a professional home inspector examine the unit’s electrical systems, sewage, drainage and all other maintenance features. You should also have an investigation done to examine the building’s

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Finding a condominium or a townhouse for you and your pet is not an easy task. The luxury real estate listings in Fort Lauderdale are littered with restrictions ranging from no pets allowed to one goldfish only. Sometimes, properties that do allow owners to have pets will charge them higher rates or special fees for their pets, including annual costs or extensive insurance coverage.

If you are looking for a pet-friendly condo, there are several things to consider. Many places restrict pet owners to one specific kind of pet or to no more than two animals of any kind. Be sure to review pet policies for any place you are considering because violating any stipulation may cost you your home!

Things to Consider:

  • Many condominiums do not allow
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las olas waterway 2

We at Florida Luxurious Properties are excited to learn about a new program from Gibraltar Private Bank designed specifically for professionals, and more accurately toward physicians and attorneys to maximize purchasing real estate.  

The Gibraltar lending program offers a 90% loan to value ratio on a mortgage, which means they are offering loans to Professionals requiring only 10% down. Compared to the usual 20% down requirement, this offer is impressive and a great incentive for financing a luxury real estate investment.

The Professionals 90% LTV Program offers:

  • - Primary Residence and Second Homes only
  • - Primary Residence up to 89.5% LTV with no mortgage insurance
  • - Second homes receive a 5% loan to value increase based on
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