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During Hurricane Irma, we all persevered—every one of us faced their own challenge, whether staying in place, or leaving home.

An evacuation order forced many of us to leave home, as a precaution.  The truth is, we have made it through just fine, with minimal property damage, most of the cosmetic kind, not structural.  Not one of our luxury listings suffered damage.

Here in Fort Lauderdale, building codes have been strengthened so much over the last 15 years, that we are better prepared than ever for events such as Hurricane Irma.  Efforts to contain storm damage are paying off, with new zoning regulations, stricter building codes and requirement of weather-resistant materials, like impact glass. For this reason our inventory remains immediately available! 

Officials at national, state and local levels did a fantastic job in preparation for the storm.  Governor Rick Scott and Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler spent days warning the public of the impending event and were a steady, constant presence throughout the storm.

Evacuations were well coordinated, services deployed expertly, and potentially hazardous conditions were kept to a minimum through excellent planning and the execution of that plan.

To the hundreds of volunteers, legions of electrical workers, platoons of landscapers with chain saws, chippers and shredders, and thousands of dedicated emergency and medical personnel stayed on duty, manning their respective posts night and day, getting us through the storm and its aftermath, our deepest thanks.

Applause to the newspersons on duty round the clock on both television and radio that kept us informed of goings-on.  Well done! 

We here at Florida Luxurious Properties have taken a hit—our offices were flooded—but we thank goodness for modern technology.  Our brick and mortar beauty of a showroom may be out of commission for the next week or two, but we are up and running!

Call us!  Messages are being received by all our agents.  Cell service is restored to all and we are doing business, with associates showing property this past weekend.

Our area survived an enormous threat, but is for the most part, intact. Although all agree that Irma presented a real and present danger, most residents are prepared to pay the price both financially and emotionally to live in paradise.  The storms can be disruptive, but finally, the blue skies break through the clouds and there are many, beautiful, balmy days that follow.

At Florida Luxurious Properties, we continue navigate the world of luxury real estate, even through the nastiest of storms.

We are looking good here in Fort Lauderdale, and look forward to seeing you at the Boat Show, November 1-5.  At the rate we are cleaning up, the storm will be old news by then.

For information contact Julie@floridaluxurious.com.

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