September 2017

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During Hurricane Irma, we all persevered—every one of us faced their own challenge, whether staying in place, or leaving home.

An evacuation order forced many of us to leave home, as a precaution.  The truth is, we have made it through just fine, with minimal property damage, most of the cosmetic kind, not structural.  Not one of our luxury listings suffered damage.

Here in Fort Lauderdale, building codes have been strengthened so much over the last 15 years, that we are better prepared than ever for events such as Hurricane Irma.  Efforts to contain storm damage are paying off, with new zoning regulations, stricter building codes and requirement of weather-resistant materials, like impact glass. For this reason our

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 As the sun rose over the Atlantic this morning, I was reminded of why I love Fort Lauderdale so much.The early light was magical, glinting off a perfectly flat ocean, the tiny rays of light shining like diamonds. Then, as the sun grew stronger and warmer it bathed the beach, the world around me awakened.   A soft breeze was blowing in off the ocean, and the palm fronds swayed gently, the shimmering light bouncing off them. After a cup of very good coffee, I was ready to greet the day, here in our paradise.  And I got to thinking about…


 10 –Location!  My town is very accessible, with a great international airport, an executive airport for private aircraft, rail

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