October 2015

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The International SeaKeepers Society is a non-profit organization which focuses on the health of the world’s oceans and climate. SeaKeepers mission is to increase current knowledge about the oceans, promote and facilitate scientific discovery and raise awareness about critical ocean issues by working directly with the yachting community as an essential component and contributor to ocean research, education and conservation efforts. In its pursuit to fulfill its mission, SeaKeepers engage and work in partnership with opinion leaders, scientists, businessmen, government agencies, educational institutions, both private and public organizations, as well as environmental advocates.

A critical component of SeaKeepers strategy is the DISCOVERY Yachts

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Fort Lauderdale has been a leading destination in South Florida for international real estate buyers in the United States.

International buyers, and later as sellers, are drawn to Greater Fort Lauderdale because of what they recognize as attractive prices, economic stability, outstanding infrastructure, unparalleled quality of life and incredible opportunity for investment with tax advantages. Sun-seekers from all over the world come to Fort Lauderdale to play, relax, and sometimes to work.

More than 300 miles of navigable inland waterways wind through luxurious estates, citrus groves and the unique Everglades, beckoning boats of all shapes and sizes. Fort Lauderdale is internationally renowned as the Venice of America for its picturesque

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