May 2015

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In today’s society, we have thousands of gadgets that keep us connected no matter where we are--Wi-Fi, cell phones, tablets, laptops, Bluetooth and more. These devices have made it possible for people in many careers to work from practically anywhere and have changed the focus for many homeowners looking to settle down in a new location.

Top priorities for working families have shifted overall from an emphasis on proximity to a worksite to more of a work-from-home direction, with need lists that prominently feature outdoor work spaces and home offices with advanced capabilities for technology. For sellers putting their homes on the market, this is an important shift to take into consideration when showcasing properties to potential buyers.

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Erica Stowers of Florida Luxurious Properties proudly features the exquisite residence at 31 Isla Bahia Drive in Harbor Beach, Fort Lauderdale on Channel 7 ABC’s local television feature, “Out and About”. The show airs Sunday, May 17th at 11:30 a.m. EST.  To view the interview, Click Here:  Channel 7 Visits 31 Isla Bahia in Fort Lauderdale.

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