April 2015

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When thinking of the homeless in our community, seldom does one consider that many children join their parent(s) when circumstances render them without a home. An adult finding him/herself homeless is daunting enough. For a child, the experience can be devastating if not handled properly.

In 1993, the Broward Partnership was formed by a coalition of concerned business and community leaders  to create a safe haven to help the homeless become active, participating members of the community once more.

Intent on aiding the homeless, the Fort Lauderdale Board of Realtors started a sponsorship with Broward Partnership that encompassed a year’s effort to rebuild the 15-year old weather-beaten play area for children at the shelter. In January, the project

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Condos are a great option for anyone who loves the Southern Florida lifestyle but doesn’t necessarily need the constraints of home ownership and prefers the exclusivity and convenience of living within a community association. Condos are always in high demand in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and surrounding areas, and developers are constantly planning more buildings to keep up with the influx of prospective residents. These luxury properties do not stay on the market for long, so here’s what you need to know about upcoming projects in the area this year.

The pre-construction condo market in South Florida has been an ongoing project, and in 2015, the real construction will begin. More than 65 new towers are scheduled to be opened this year east of Interstate

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Putting down cash was the way to go last year for people looking to buy Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate—nearly 64 percent of all house sales made in Florida in the early months of 2014 were cash purchases. New York and Alabama followed with 59 percent and 56 percent, respectively, making this a great year for savers turned homeowners.

Reports from RealtyTrac, a California firm that analyzes housing data, including sales and purchase methods, indicate that just under half of all sales in the country early last year were cash-only purchases (43 percent in 2014), up from 19 percent in the same months of 2013. RealtyTrac has been collecting all-cash sales numbers since 2011, and so far, 2014 is the biggest year they’ve seen. According to RealtyTrac’s

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Europe’s financial market has changed drastically over the last few months, and the fluctuations have caused a tidal wave of changes that could have an impact on Southern Florida’s real estate market values this year, according to some Fort Lauderdale luxury realtors. The euro, the official currency for 19 nations in the European Union, has been weakened as tensions in Greece and Switzerland continue to take effect on the currency’s value, and the changing market is causing many Europeans to consider securing their financial wealth in an overseas market— and Fort Lauderdale’s homes and condominiums.

The Effect in Southern Florida

In January 2015, the exchange rate between US dollars and Euros hit the lowest point in over a decade, and financial

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