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Ten things to think about doing before you head out on vacation

You know how it goes—you’ve planned a wonderful trip, tied up all loose ends at the office, packed your bags and called for a cab to the airport.

All’s well, until you start wondering whether or not you left the iron on, or the coffee maker, or whether or not you locked the front door.

Not the way to start your vacation—your annual “rest” has started out any way but restful.  Now you are anxious, and might be for a week or two.  It’s not easy to leave home!

It’s not just that the house is empty, and may invite intrusion—someone could break in—but a pipe could burst, or a tree may fall, and really, you may have left the coffee pot on!

A burglary can be

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Here in South Florida we meet people from all parts of the world.  The fact that we have an International Airport with non-stop direct flights to many cities is a big draw, plus the gorgeous weather and fabulous beach and waterways.  Requests from our international buyers are forever interesting.

One of the trends we are seeing is the interest in second floor living rooms. 

So many of our Buyers from South American and Europe enjoy the privacy a discrete living space can offer, and ask to be shown properties that have this very special, extra luxurious amenity.

The idea of living on a floor above street level is not new.  Many older Italian homes had “piano nobiles”—noble floors.  They built reception rooms on the second level of palazzos

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The "Yachting Capital of the World" hosted the 58th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show November 1-5, 2017, and what a fabulous success it was!

Exhibitors included talented yacht designers, builders and brokers from more than 40 countries.  The variety of boats displayed included everything from personal submarines and small watercraft to super yachts, the largest more than 200’ long, complete with a helicopter pad.

FLORIDA LUXURIOUS PROPERTIES was once again proud to have been a sponsor of this exciting event, where all sorts of people from all over the world look for watercraft and the perfect residence to dock and enjoy the fabulous South Florida lifestyle.  We find the synergy dynamic!

Fort Lauderdale is the ideal location for the

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Business as Unusual In the Florida Sunshine

How about a place to host clients, prospects, employees and events with your ever-expanding network of professional contacts?  A place in sunny South Florida, where significant tax advantages may be available?

Fort Lauderdale is extremely convenient to transportation by auto, rail, sea or air.  With an international airport (and direct flights from many countries), and a private executive airport, this is a great town to locate an executive or corporate retreat.

Think outside the box.


1300 Brickell ticks all boxes on a grand scale, accommodating large yachts, plus it has an entirely separate wing set up as a conference room.  There is a media room and expansive bedroom suites. The

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Now that the hurricane is well past and the waters have calmed, I’ve been taking time to think about the weather and the role it plays in all our lives.

The weather is often the first thing we check on when we arise.  A peek out the window, a forecast on the radio, or a look at the computer or smartphone can help us plan our day.

Boaters want to know of course, so that they can plot their course.  Golfers want to know what time of day will be most fair on the fairway.  Runners and cyclists, athletes of all types are listening to the forecast, making decisions.

Parents plan wardrobes for the entire family—they outfit everyone from head to toe with the appropriate gear for the weather predicted.

Office workers dress for potential events and

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Mark your calendar!

November 1-5, 2017

Fort Lauderdale, the "Yachting Capital of the World" will host the 58th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show on November 1-5, 2017.

Show exhibitors include talented yacht designers, builders and brokers of some of the most beautiful watercraft on the seven seas.  A wide variety of boats will be on display, from runabouts to extraordinary superyachts. There is something for everyone who wants to be on the water, and if not, there are exotic cars on display, too.

FLORIDA LUXURIOUS PROPERTIES is a proud sponsor of this event, where beautiful boats from around the world are showcased.  Potential Buyers are also seeking the perfect residence to dock and enjoy the

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It seems that the spirit of “less is more” is contagious—we are meeting people all the time who are on the move upward to a better life through downsizing.

A change of lifestyle can be a very energizing thing.  As we free ourselves of possessions and the space needed to house them, we are liberated—released of responsibility.

Isn’t it time to change the pace?  About time to really take control and bring it all down to a scale that is manageable—so that you are not possessed by your possessions, a warden, caretaking in a house that has outlived its purpose for you?  

Why not consider something smaller, something new for you, some place where you’ll actually utilize and enjoy all the space?  Take a look at 80 Hendricks Isle, or

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During Hurricane Irma, we all persevered—every one of us faced their own challenge, whether staying in place, or leaving home.

An evacuation order forced many of us to leave home, as a precaution.  The truth is, we have made it through just fine, with minimal property damage, most of the cosmetic kind, not structural.  Not one of our luxury listings suffered damage.

Here in Fort Lauderdale, building codes have been strengthened so much over the last 15 years, that we are better prepared than ever for events such as Hurricane Irma.  Efforts to contain storm damage are paying off, with new zoning regulations, stricter building codes and requirement of weather-resistant materials, like impact glass. For this reason our

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 As the sun rose over the Atlantic this morning, I was reminded of why I love Fort Lauderdale so much.The early light was magical, glinting off a perfectly flat ocean, the tiny rays of light shining like diamonds. Then, as the sun grew stronger and warmer it bathed the beach, the world around me awakened.   A soft breeze was blowing in off the ocean, and the palm fronds swayed gently, the shimmering light bouncing off them. After a cup of very good coffee, I was ready to greet the day, here in our paradise.  And I got to thinking about…


 10 –Location!  My town is very accessible, with a great international airport, an executive airport for private aircraft, rail

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I have the very best of professions! I am fortunate enough to match individuals with the multi-million dollar homes of their ultimate dreams!

A week ago, I showed a fabulous deep-water residence to a delightful newly engaged couple. As we toured the residence I remarked to them that it is real estate dating when looking for the perfect fit! They laughed but I think the simple analogy resonated with them both.

Real estate dating is not so much fun after the fifteenth house. Sometimes, the photos do not match the residence – big surprise there; the house may not be well maintained or clean. The floorplan creates the functional and energy flow of a residence just like the energy of a person, it might not be a good match. On it goes, the

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